3 Coolest iPhone Apps You Must Have in Your Phone This Thanksgiving

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We all wait for this time of year, don’t we? This fall the Thanksgiving will be knocking your doors on 24th November, followed by Black Friday & Cyber Monday and later by the Christmas and New Year’s Eve.


While there’s too much to plan for, we will just stick with Thanksgiving and will talk about best applications to have installed on your phone this festive season.


Thanksgiving is the occasion while we put aside our differences and our smartphones, of course, to enjoy a pleasant dinner and talk with our families.


We cook, we eat, we share but we don’t get digital especially on this day, right? However, thanks to some of the top iPhone Application Development Company in USA, you now have access to some apps that will turn quite useful this Thanksgiving event. Let’s have a look:



1. All recipes Dinner Spinner

It’s all about eating and laughing on Thanksgiving. But, not every household has a grandma their to have support in cooking their dinner. Allrecipes Dinner Spinner comes with thousands of great recipes while offering great instructional videos on each.

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2. Groupon

You probably know about this application already. However, during a festive season when a number of businesses launch special deals and discounts, you need the entire knowledge bank at one place to save more on your purchases.

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Groupon shows you all the available coupon on certain stuff like food, clothes, restaurants, and much more.



3. TickTick

Does it become too dubious for you to manage all the tasks on Thanksgiving? Do you end up messing up some and missing on others? Well, if that’s the case, TickTick is there for you. You can create a list of tasks on it and remember everything from then on.

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As the days pass by, more and more iPhone Application Development Services in USA bring forth cool apps that actually assist during festive days be it cooking, saving bucks on a eat out or navigate you around the city. Happy Thanksgiving!


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