7 Preeminent Reasons Mobile Marketers Should Target Today’s Mobile Gamers

Let’s start with a figure like most technical writers do. The majority of total app revenue in 2016 came from games, manifesting a whopping $41 billion. Still, a big chunk of mobile marketing decides to stick with convention apps, missing out huge earning possibilities through games.


Expert developers and designers working in renowned mobile app development companies in USA suggest that with the rapidly growing technology, developing a mobile game from the scratch has rather became easy.


Here’s a list of reasons why you should target today’s mobile gamers:


  1. Don’t Generalise ‘Gamers’

Today, the term ‘gamer’ is not limited to a teenager with big specs playing Clash of Clans round the clock. The demographic has been extended. Now, everyone from toddlers to peoples in their 50s plays games. And, the most of the revenue comes from the earning parents.


  1. Number of Mobile Gamers

In 2011, the there were around 80 million mobile users worldwide and the number is anticipated to hit the 250 million mark by 2020.


  1. The Revenue

The mobile app revenue in 2016 as stated above was $41 billion around half of the total app store revenue of $91 billion.


  1. The Average

70% of all smartphone users play at least one game every month, being three-fourth of the total smartphone users.


  1. The Income Factor

A stunning 17 million people who play mobile games are high-income individuals and are more likely to spend huge money on games.


  1. Age Statistics

One-third of the mobile gamers are of age 18-35 while the close seconds are the people aging 50 or more. 26% of gamers are kids and teenagers while 1/8 people are of age 36 to 49 being the top source of ROI for most mobile app development companies in USA.


  1. Don’t Forget Your Female Audience

A study suggests that 55% of girls play mobile games regularly, making them an unignorable aspect of your marketing campaigns.

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