Best Security Software for Your Android

Android phones are incredibly used by most of the people all over the world and it is one of the big brands now. With the constant growth of Android devices, Android App Development Companies in USA are also getting a huge business because people are encountering more technical issues hence, they are seeking support from experts.

When every other person is using Android devices, the need of Android security software gets developed and everyone should be aware of their phone’s  basic security. It means the growth of these Android devices creates a huge requirement of their security.

An Android device without security software can be an easy target for the viruses in comparison to other secured devices. These security softwares can save your device from great mishappenings such as protect your Android device from threats. Here we are presenting a list of some best Android Antiviruses.


Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus
This security software is one of the powerful antiviruses for Android devices which blocks malware & dangerous links on your device. It also keeps your private communication or information safe and gives you a chance to filter your unwanted calls & texts.

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In case you lost your device or your device gets stolen, you can use its remote tool can and prevent your personal data falling into the wrong hands. Kaspersky is very popular and it gives free trial versions with some very impressive features.


Avast Mobile Security
You can use this antivirus to protect your device against viruses and malwares that cause popups and unwanted ads. This security software is the world’s most trusted free antivirus app for Android.

It will alert you if you use or install any spyware and adware apps that can harm your device. It has some extra features even in the free version that secures your devices against phishing attacks from email, phone calls, infected websites or SMS messages.


It is an old security software which is well known and secure for your device. It was rewarded as the best security software. It has a high-quality scanner which detects all kind of executable files through your device and block them. The best Android App Development Services also recommend this security software for all the Android devices.

Its call blocker feature prevents spam numbers from contacting you, as well as an anti-phishing feature is also available in this security software to stop harmful websites from loading in the first place. This app is light on resources and doesn’t consume too much battery.


AVG Antivirus Security
AVG Android AntiVirus secures your device against malware attacks and threats. It gives instant and very fast protection against unsafe apps, Anti-theft locker, tracker etc. There are plenty of more securities it provides to your device with ease.

AVG is a very big and popular brand which is easy to use. It is available on the Google play store and provides several different features. AVG provides free and paid both services, however, it doesn’t cost a big amount of money.

AVG will charge you, only if you need an extreme security or high support on something very complicated. The brand gives the guarantee to completely secure your device and prevent it from unsafe apps. You can even remotely control your device and lock it through remote access.    


These were some top Android Antiviruses to protect your devices. You can use any one out of them to make your device safe and secure.  

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