How to Tackle Your App Store Reviews?

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All days are not good in our lives. Sometimes you may wake up in the morning, have a glance on your smartphone, and find out an extremely bad review trying to breaking down the back of your business. Every marketer has fear of these negative reviews right?


One of my friends who works as a content writer in a top mobile app development company in USA told me that a single negative review frightens his boss more than 10 positive reviews delight him. Well, no surprise here. When a seed of suspicious enters in the brain of a customer, even a hundred soothing words don’t seem to work.


Rating is the first vital thing that drags a potential user to your app’s page. The next magic has to be done by the reviews and screenshots. Moreover, positive reviews and rating contribute by high leaps in App Store Optimization. The better these both, the higher you will stand in search pages for relevant terms.


Reviews and ratings also decide the percentage of users who visit your application page will download it or not. The better the reviews the higher the percentage.


Your app store optimization strategy should revolve around getting positive reviews from the users of different demographics while tackling the bad reviews with utmost patience. Here’s how it works:


1. Ask Your User to Review

With the new iOS update, reviewing an application has become so convenient. Now, a user doesn’t have to leave the app for a review. He/she can review an app without leaving the app. So, that’s a plus. Furthermore, asking someone a review with some happy smilies incline them to not to leave any negative feedback.


2. A Prompt Message at the Right Time

Timing is very important. We all know that asking our parents for something we wanted when they were at their happiest moments, always resulted in good outcomes. The same happens when you prompt your users for giving the review after they have spent a significant amount of time.


Why’s that? Because that way you can be sure that they are content with your app’s theme and functionalities.


Good app reviews bolster your mobile app development service’s bottom line while bad reviews infect it. You should appreciate both if you actually want to play the app game for a long time. A nice thank you message followed by asking the user to continue to advise you lets him feel that you value your opinion.


On the other hand, the strategy to handle bad reviews is somewhat different as described in this article.


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