Online Fashion Industry and the Future Technological Trends to Shape It

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Once being an offline rockstar, the fashion industry is slowly transitioning to online. With big eCommerce stores providing ways to retailers to sell their products online, businesses seem to prepare their minds for this transition.


Some middle-scale businesses have already opened their own e-commerce stores with the help of several Joomla web development companies in USA. Category wise-apparel demonstration, online payment gateway integration and collaboration with potent logistic services, it all seems to be there in their stores.


Even though anything you want is just clicked away from you, the next five years will likely witness a huge takeover of technology for eCommerce sector. It will reduce the gap between online product discovery and purchase through inspiration and speed.


Soon, it won’t be a big deal to find out a lovely pair of sandals you saw during a wedding event. The technology will help you find it over the internet. It will help you find more cost-effective options for a look-alike product if the original one is out of your budget.


When it comes to fashion, a customer will have a lot of questions that he or she will be asking to his/her virtual technology assistant that they usually ask their friends and family today. For instance, the color choices, the perfect outfit choice to wear in the future even and the hairstyle that will suit the most. Here’s what that will be changed:


1. Visual Search

Text search – Clicked. Voice search – Checked. Visual search – that’s something new; and exciting too? Let’s see: It undoubtedly new but it works by letting the user search by selecting colors, shapes, and size to find desired product or services. Businesses have seen that this technique results in increased click-through rate.


2. Would it Fit Me Well?

Many technologically advanced fashion stores have already loaded their indoors with 3d scanners that scan a person’s body shape and visually integrates it with their desired outfit to see whether it fit them or not.


3. Big Data

Big data helps artificial intelligence make big decisions. It is the powerhouse of AI. Based on the past choices of customers, their taste and distaste, their location and gender, big data have every information a business would need. It will later be analyzed to empower AI. Joomla web development services then can use this info to make chatbots.


From wheels to smartphones, technology has continuously made our lives easy. However, now it’s transitioning from mechanical to digital, and in future, it will be moving from digital to intelligent. Artificial intelligence will be helping human choices and decision making in next five years. Are you ready?


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