Playable Ads on Smartphones: 3 Myths You Shouldn’t Worry About

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Today’s ad industry is smart. It is focused on conceptualizing and creating ads that are engaging and don’t mess up with the user’s’ mood. The hottest kind of ads currently hitting the mobile app terrain are the playable ones that perfectly replace annoyingness & interruptions with engagement by letting the user’s play or experience one or more features of another app in real time.

People are usually skeptical about anything that’s new as adhering to that may bundle some uninvited risks. A number of mobile app development companies in USA are likewise still holding on some myths about the outcomes of using playable ads in ad campaigns.

We have communicated around with top industry experts over the usefulness and drawbacks of playable ads. Based on the discussion, we’ve figured out the following myths that you might want to renounce right away:

  1. Playable Ads Cause Your App to Crash

A number of people believe that playable ads, due to their heavy graphics and memory consumption causes apps to crash. However, this phenomenon is mostly not true.

Playable ads neither slow down your device by loads nor causes apps to crash. This can be explained that both applications and playable ads run on a completely distinct platform. Sandboxes are assigned to play ads while your system’s native environment host your applications.

Hence, the ad may itself get crashed but it can’t make your app crashed. Unlike video ads that are bulky and may consume your data up to 20 MB, playable ads usually don’t eat up more than 2-3 MB space as images can be compressed.

  1. Playable Ads are Annoying and Interrupt the Gameplay

Most ads do annoy users and are discouraged. However, playable ads are a bit different in this context as they are based on user’s interest and are actually interactive.

Mobile app development services in USA are in a constant expedition to make the ad experience as enjoyable as possible. Rewarded ads are actually being appreciated around the world especially by the game lovers who hate spending real money to buy virtual game money, credits or points.

  1. Playable ads are Small and Can’t Convey the Gameplay

Playable ads last only 30 seconds and some entrepreneurs may believe that this duration is just not enough to give a comprehensive idea to users about their app or game.

Well, playable ads are meant to coax users to make smallest of interactions and get a brief idea about your game’s mechanism. Hence, it doesn’t have to be too long as these ads are just to trigger them to download your app.

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