Top 4 issues on kodi 17.6 and higher

kodi is a software which allows everyone to watch their favourite videos through the different add-ons. The kodi addons can deliver any kind of videos what user wants to watch. But in nowadays the kodi 17.6 and higher version software is giving some troubles in delivering the videos. so we are coming with the top four frequent issues and their solutions. Let me tell them you and let me know them you.

The top four issues are as follows 1) Olpair not working on kodi, 2) Kodi Streams Not Working, 3) Failed to install a dependency, 4)  Kodi Failed to Install

These are the frequent issues of the kodi. From this article, you are going to solve these problems. Let me begin the tutorial.

Top Four Issues And Their Solutions

The above-discussed issues are the frequent issues of the kodi 17.6 and its higher versions. If your kodi getting those issues you have to follow the below steps.

Olpair Not Working On Kodi

Almost all the users are converted to the & Error Kodi in order to avoid some interrupted servers list on their addons. But in nowadays the olpair is giving some issues to the kodi 17.6 and other versions. To avoid this problem you have to do some work and then your kodi will give you all the content.

You must make sure whether your kodi has paired with the olpair IP address or not. If not you must pair it. For every four hours this pair will be lost automatically, so for every four hours, you need to pair again and again.

Kodi Streams Not Working

The kodi software is one of the best software in delivering the videos which user wants to watch on their kodi. It can give all kind of videos with the quality which user wants to watch.

But when you want to watch your favourite video on your kodi addon you may not watch at that particular time or forever. At that time you have to find what kind of kodi version you are using and is it an updated version or not. If not you must update it immediately to enjoy your videos.

Failed To Install A Dependency

When you want to enjoy your favourite videos through the kodi video addon you might get an issue which says failed to install a dependency. At this moment you have to “turn off” hosters with captchas option. From there you can proceed to use your favourite addon on your kodi.

Kodi Failed To Install

This issue has been giving the trouble to every user since the kodi has introduced. But this is the fault which is not occurring from the kodi developers. It is occurring from the side of users. The users do not concentrate on the URL which was given in the installation steps at the time of the installation. So try to check the URL and the procedure to install the kodi on your device.


In this article, we have mentioned frequent issues of the kodi 17.6 and its higher versions. So this article can give its contribution to solving top four issues of the kodi 17.6 and its higher versions.

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